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Garmin GT34UHD-THP Ultra Hd Thru Hull Transducer Pair

Garmin GT34UHD-THP Ultra Hd Thru Hull Transducer Pair



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Ultra High-Definition Sonar System Thru-hull Pair Transducer Add stunningly clear Ultra High-Definition ClearV and Ultra High-Definition SideV scanning sonar images to your compatible chartplotter. Plug directly into your 8600xsv or ECHOMAP Ultra series chartplotter or use the GCV 20 sonar module to display on other compatible chartplotters. It includes 3 arrays, including a downward-facing element, with frequencies ranging from 0.8 MHz (800 kHz) to 1.2 MHz (1,200 kHz). Ultra High-Definition ClearV Scanning This mode provides brilliant image clarity of structure and fish below your boat at greater depths than other high-frequency scanning sonars by putting more power on targets via a downward-facing element. Ultra High-Definition SideV Scanning See stunningly clear images of structure and fish off to the sides of your boat. This makes it easy to scout a fishing area quickly, because you can see everything the first time with such amazing clarity.

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