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Mustang Survival

Mustang Water Rescue Kit With Mit 100, Rescue Stick, Throw

Mustang Water Rescue Kit With Mit 100, Rescue Stick, Throw



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Water Rescue Kit by Mustang Survival®. For safe, quick rescue by first responders. You're first on the scene. There are victims in the water and time is running out. what can you do? The first person on the scene is not always equipped to execute a safe water rescue. Without the proper equipment and training, the first responder may not be able to execute a safe rescue, greatly reducing the probability of the victim's survival. In an emergency, seconds count. The Mustang Survival® Water Rescue Kit contains everything the first responder needs to conduct a basic emergency water rescue. Complete with quick reference instruction sheet and dessicant.

  • MIT™100 Inflatable PFD (manual) to protect yourself (USCG Type V (Commercial Use); Type III (Recreational Use)
  • MRD100 Rescue Stick™ (automatic) to stabilize the victim
  • Rescue Stick™ has 35 lbs of buoyancy providing emergency flotation for multiple victims
  • MRD075 Throw Bag to retrieve the victim
  • Customized heavy duty drop tested, impact resistant, air and water tight protective case. This case meets military, ATA and federal specifications
  • Manufactured with the use of the finest materials
  • Will provide utmost durability and performance
  • Guaranteed to deliver long-lasting service life
  • Recommend for Industrial Marine, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Aviation, Land


  • MIT™ 100 Inflatable PFD
  • Rescue Stick™
  • Throw Bag
  • Heavy duty storage case
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