Collection: GoMo Kayak

GoMo Kayak originated in 2018,  the brand quickly established itself as the leader in innovation into recreational and fishing kayaks for All-Time Favorite - "Fins Pedal System" featuring with unique hull design for better glide and tracking. 

Boatyard Malaysia created a whole new category of personal recreational and fishing craft with Hakimi Fauzi. Our branding strives for improvements in the products that we create so that they reflect our authentic and honest understanding of the adventure and the adventurer.

GoMo Kayak


All you need to know about GoMo Kayak products

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight capacity of the kayak?

Each of our kayaks has a different total weight capacity, and they vary from 180kg to 270kg. Each kayak has its weight limit clearly stated on its product page, so please read up on any option you are considering.

Can I pick up my kayak instead of having it delivered?

Yes, we allow pickups. Kindly choose self-pickup on the checkout page.

How large are the storage compartments in this kayak?

The storage hatch sizes vary slightly from model to model, but most are between 8" and 12" in width and are 6" deep, offering plenty of space for snacks, bait and tackle, a camera, and more.

Can I safely stand up in this kayak?

Our fishing kayaks are designed to be stable enough for you to stand up for casting and reeling, though other vessels we carry are narrower and will be harder to balance.

Are your kayaks compatible with trolling motors? And with fish finders?

Many models can be outfitted with motors and/or hull mounted fish finders.

How much does this kayak weigh? And how big is it?

Our kayaks vary in size and weight; most are closer to 40kg. Each kayak's weight, length, and hull width is clearly listed on its product page, so please refer there for exact information.

Can I pedal the kayak in reverse?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.