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RIGID® Industries, the leader in high-performance LED lighting for off-road pick-up trucks, SUVs and off-road vehicles, is launching its A2Z for e-Mobility™ initiative to develop smarter, more efficient lighting technology optimized for electric vehicles (EVs). A2Z for e-Mobility builds upon the technology innovations found in the RIGID Adapt E-Series® LED light bar, among the first accessories in the aftermarket industry today, which can be installed on ICE-powered vehicles, but are optimized for EVs.

Rigid Industries

How durable are our LED Light Bars? See what happens when we do our best to cut, crush, drag, torch and drown our lights to death.

All you need to know about Rigid Industries products

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mount my light vertically with Rigid supplied mounting brackets?

Rigid mounting brackets were designed and tested assuming the light is installed in the horizontal direction. Installing lights in the vertical direction could cause premature failure of the bracket.

What's this little black sticker on the back of my light? Can I take it off or spray paint over it?

No! This is a GORE® pressure equalizing vent and is critical in keeping moisture out of your light. Please do not remove it or paint over it.

Can I run my Rigid light with a 14-volt A/C signal?

No. The Rigid lights were designed for DC voltage. Lights operated at 14-volt A/C may not be damaged but could flicker or appear dim.

My light isn't working. Should I disassemble it and troubleshoot it?

No! Rigid lights are precision assembled in such a way to ensure no moisture can get into the light. Disassembly can destroy this seal and will void the warranty.

When should I operate my Marine VHF radio on low power?

In general it depends on how far away the radio is that you are trying to communicate with. There are some channels that automatically require the high or low power setting. Keep in mind is that the lower wattage, the less power used, thus the longer the batteries will last.

How durable are Rigid Industries LED lights?

See our Tortured video on our Media page located here:

Can I install my relay under the hood?

This is not recommended. Rigid recommends installing the relay in the cab of the vehicle to protect it from extreme temperatures and moisture.

What is the difference between the Dually and the D2?

The Dually and D2 are housed in the same cast aluminum housing and have the same shape and profile. The difference is what's inside. The Dually uses our Hybrid Optics System in a 4-LED configuration which comes in either Spot or Flood options. It produces 1,568 lumens at only 15.8 watts and 1.1 amps. To put that in perspective, it uses less power than it takes to use your turn signal. The D2 has 6 LED's that utilize our Specter Optics System, which comes in either Driving or Wide configurations. It produces 3,096 lumens and uses only 34.5 watts and 2.5 amps. The D2, with its driving beam, produces the perfect combination of distance and width for lighting up the road or water in front of you.

I connected my light to my car, and it doesn't work. Now what?

Several items could be preventing the lights from properly working. The below items can help in troubleshooting: Try connecting the wires of the lights directly to a fully charged car battery. If the light works, then there is a problem between the battery connection and the light. Potential problems include a faulty switch, faulty relay, insufficient thickness wire, and improper grounding.

When I connect my light directly to my battery, it is at full brightness, but when I use a long cable to install it, the light is dim. What is wrong?

You need to make sure you are using an appropriately sized gauge wire for your installation. This is especially important if using a long wire from the battery to the light installation. If the wire gauge is too small, there will be significant voltage dropped across the wire, preventing the light from powering up fully.