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Established in 1966 by Founder and Chairman Hidero Fujimoto, Uniden continues to be a leading developer of today’s most cutting-edge technology. We provide high-quality consumer electronics through a variety of retailers and distributors across North, Central and South America as a subsidiary of Uniden Corporation.

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Marine Communication

Marine communication equipment such as VHF radios are among the most important... 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Range is limited?

Make sure no other appliance is sharing the same power outlet. Extend the antenna fully on the base unit.

The answering machine is not answering calls?

Make sure the REC TIME is not positioned in the ANN position on the Base Unit.

What do I do if my phone gets wet?

Unplug all leads, dry the unit as best you can and take the unit for service immediately.

Can't make or receive calls. There is no dial tone?

- Check that both ends of the Base Unit telephone line cord are connected

- Make sure the AC -Adapter is plugged into the Base Unit and wall outlet.

- Make sure the battery in your handset in connected properly

- Disconnect the AC Adapter for a few minutes, and then reconnect it and ensure the power is turned on.