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GoMo Kayak

GoMo Kayak M10

GoMo Kayak M10



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Hands free kayaking with the pedal drive system, designed for fishing-minded kayakers and equipped with features for serious angler. Great combination of stability and performance with an excellent load capacity to keep you well provisioned and properly organized. Perfect boat for all fishing environments.

  • Length: 3.224m/10'6"
  • Width: 0.83m/32.7"
  • Height: 0.339m/15.7"
  • Hull Weight: 35kg/77lbs
  • Pedal Drive: 5kg/11lbs
  • Max Capacity: 180kg/396lbs
  • UV Resistant: 8 degree
  • Warranty: 2 years
Standard Features
  • Pedal drive with flexible fins
  • 2 x paddles
  • Aluminium framed fishing chair
  • Swiveel fishing rod holder
  • 4 x flush mounted fishing rod holders
  • Full rudder system
  • Pedal drive lock with space seal
  • 8" waterproof hatch with tackle box inside
  • Large front storage area with removable cover
  • 4 molded carrying handles
  • 2 side paddle park
  • Rear storage area with bungee
  • Multiple plugs and buttons included
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