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At Attwood, we make quality our highest priority. We work hard to ensure accurate, consistent, and repeatable data that ensures our products meet industry standards set by the USCG, ABYC, and CE. Our state- of-the art test tab allows us to re-create the outdoors in a lab-controlled environment. This commitment to quality testing ensures that our products consistently outperform and outlast the competition. Not just in the test lab, but under real water conditions. 

With our extensive testing capabilities, you can count on Attwood products being put to the test!

Atwood PowerBase Series – intelligent, powered fold down light or antenna base.

All you need to know about Attwood products

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your under water lights have to be under the water?

Our 5 inch series LED’s are required to be under the water for cooling. The 3 inch and 1 ½ inch are not required to be under the water.

Do you offer 24 volt LED lights?

Currently we do not offer our LED’s in 24 volt DC

Are your LED lights submersible?

Our underwater and live well lights are fully submersible.

Can I use automotive bulbs in my navigation lights?

Automotive bulbs can be used as long as they are the correct, volts, watts and size.

Will your lights fit in my Perko light base?

Attwood pole lights are recommend to be used with Attwood bases. But they will fit in our competitors bases.

How much water does it take to turn on and off my Sahara pump?

The pump will turn on at approx. 2 inches and off between 1/2 to 3/4 inches of water.

What is the life expectancy of my Tsunami pump?

Our pumps have an estimated lifespan of approx. 1,000 hours.

Can my pump run continuously?

Yes, for the 1,000 hour approx. life span.