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Garmin GT52HW-TM Plastic, TM Or Trolling Motor Transducer, High Wide CHIRP/DownVü/SideVü - 455/800kHz, 500W

Garmin GT52HW-TM Plastic, TM Or Trolling Motor Transducer, High Wide CHIRP/DownVü/SideVü - 455/800kHz, 500W



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Garmin GT52HW-TM Plastic, TM or Trolling Motor Transducer, High Wide CHIRP/DownVü/SideVü - 455/800kHz, 500W Product Description

Garmin make products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside. We bring GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. We believe every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday. We offer products with essential utility, leading-edge technologies, compelling features, and exceptional ease-of-use to create clear differentiators our customers appreciate and desire.

Garmin 101240500 Attributes

  • Mounting Location: Transom Mount
  • Number Of Pins: 12 Pin
  • Depth: 800 Feet For Traditional And 500 Feet For ClearVü/ SideVü
  • Power Rating: 250 Watt For Traditional And 350 Watt For ClearVü/ SideVü
  • Frequency Range: 150-240 kHz For High-Band CHIRP And 260/455 kHz For ClearVü Operating Frequency
  • Supported Angle: 0 To 70 Degree Transom Angle
  • Cable Length: 20 Feet

Garmin 101240500 Features & Benefits

  • Perfect For Freshwater Anglers Who Want CHIRP Traditional Sonar And Chirp ClearVu And CHIRP SideVu Scanning Sonar
  • Transom Mount Transducer Consistently Displays Clear And Crisp Fish Arches With Superior Target Separation As Well As Clear Definition Of Structure Below And To The Side Of The Boat
  • 12-Pin Transducer Features High Wide Band Chirp Traditional Sonar And Has A Power Rating Of 250 Watt
  • GT52HW-TM Is Ideal For Mounting To A Trolling Motor Due To Its Compact Size
  • Provides A Installation Instructions
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty

Garmin 101240500 Installation Instructions

Garmin 101240500 Warranties

GT52HW-TM Plastic, TM or Trolling Motor Transducer, High Wide CHIRP/CHIRP DownVü/SideVü - 455/800kHz, 500W, 12-Pin

GT52HW-TM transducer is perfect for freshwater fishermen who want CHIRP traditional sonar and CHIRP DownVü and CHIRP SideVü scanning sonar. This transom mount transducer consistently displays clear and crisp fish arches with superior target separation as well as clear definition of structure below and to the side of the boat.

The 12-pin transducer features high wide band CHIRP traditional sonar (150-240 kHz) and has a power rating of 250 W. The CHIRP DownVü and SideVü (455/800 kHz) elements have a power rating of 500 W each (1,500 W total).

GT52HW-TM is ideal for mounting to a trolling motor due to its compact size. For installation, follow the included instructions carefully to avoid damaging your boat.


  • Frequency: CHIRP High Wide (150-240 kHz); ClearVü CHIRP 455 kHz (425-485 kHz) & 800 kHz (790-850 kHz)
  • Power: Traditional 250 W; ClearVü/SideVu 350 W
  • Beamwidth: Traditional (24-16); ClearVü/SideVü (2.0x50 @ 455 kHz) & (1.0x30 @ 800 kHz)
  • Maximum depth: Traditional: 800 ft.; ClearVü: 500 ft.; SideVü: 500 ft.
  • Depth/Speed/Temperature: Depth and Temperature
  • Number of pins: 12-pin
  • Cable length: 20 ft.
  • Supported deadrise/Transom angles: 0°-70° degree transom

GT52HW-TM sensor is very suitable for freshwater fishermen who need CHIRP traditional sonar, CHIRP ClearVu and CHIRP SideVu scanning sonar. This beam-mounted transducer always displays a clear, crisp fish bow, has an excellent target spacing, and clearly defines the structure below and on the side of the boat. The 12-pin sensor has a high-bandwidth CHIRP traditional sonar with a rated power of 250W. Both the CHIRP ClearVu and CHIRP SideVu (455/800 kHz) components have a power rating of 350 W (1,050 W in total). GT52HW-TM has a compact size and is very suitable for mounting on a trolling motor. When installing, please follow the enclosed instructions carefully to avoid damage to your boat.
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