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Attwood Vertical Sidelight Red 12V Black Housing Two Mile

Attwood Vertical Sidelight Red 12V Black Housing Two Mile



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2-Mile Vertical Mount, Red Sidelight - 12V - Black Plastic Housing: Contoured Styling: Also matches the 3800 Series, 2-NM Mile Horizontal Mount Sidelights. Provides builders with a family look for navigation lights between different model offerings. Durable Construction: The one-piece lens and full-perimeter gasket design make the light virtually waterproof when properly installed. The durable plastic or stainless steel helmet provides rugged protection to the lens and lamp. And the internal electrical contacts are stainless steel, so corrosion is not a problem - even in saltwater. Simple Installation: Just remove one screw to detach the helmet, and then install the base directly to vertical surfaces. The small size makes it simple to install in confined areas.

Key Features
  • Clean, contoured shape blends in well making the light less noticeable, providing an integrated look with the boat
  • Black Plastic Housing
  • 2 Nautical Mile USCG output for boats to 20 meters (65.6 ft.)
  • In full compliance with the latest industry and USCG requirements
  • Contoured shape to prevents lines from snagging on the light
  • 7" Tinned wire leads make it easier to make a permanent, corrosion-resistant connection
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