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Scotty 436 Sup Leash Plug Adapter W/ Gearhead

Scotty 436 Sup Leash Plug Adapter W/ Gearhead



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  • Quick and Easy, Drop and Lock System
  • Customize your board by either adding a Scotty Camera Mount, Cup Holder or any other Scotty Accessory
  • Allows you to secure and re-position a rod holder or accessory with just a twist
  • Quickly secures to a stand up paddle boards pre-installed leash plug
  • Made from high strength composite materials and stainless steel J-Hook, makes for a trouble free use in various environments including salt water
  • Comes with a large J-Hook for deep leash plugs and a short J-Hook for shallow leash plugs
  • Use in conjunction with an extender to bring your rod closer to you
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