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DC Scene Light 2X10 115 Degree (Black)

DC Scene Light 2X10 115 Degree (Black)



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2x10 115 DC Scene Light Black - White LED

LED Scene Lighting by RIGID Industries is now available for any area lighting application using DC power. Utilizing the latest LED technology, RIGID Industries perfects their innovative rugged design, thermally optimized heatsink, extreme output, and does it with minimal amp draw for the total lighting solution. With a 115-degree horizontal spread, this product will light the surrounding area perfectly.


  • Family: Scene Lighting
  • Optics: Scene Lighting
  • LED Color: White
  • Finish Color: Black
  • Mount Type: Bolt DownPole MountSurface
  • Shipping Dimensions: 15" x 9.5" x 3.75"
  • Sold As: Single
  • DC Power
  • Thermally optimized heatsink technology
  • Extreme Output
  • Minimum Amp Draw for the total lighting solution
  • 115 horizontal spread


  • Watts: 76
  • Amp Draw: 5.28
  • LED's: 9
  • Raw Lumens: 8,190
  • Lux @ 10m: 21.84
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 2,184 cd
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