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Polyform A Series Buoy A-4 20.5" Diameter Grey

Polyform A Series Buoy A-4 20.5" Diameter Grey



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The A Series is the product that launched the Polyform story. This all- purpose buoy, with the signature "blue ropehold" has proven itself in the most adverse conditions. Making gear used in heavy seas is no easy task. That's why more fishermen use Polyform A Series than all other buoys combined. You name it ocean, sea, river or lake and the A Series has been there.
Two valves (sizes A-5, A-6 & A-7) located on opposite sides of the ropehold in the blue top - the normal polyform inflation valve and white screws with the words "AIR IN" molded next to it for easy inflation. Additionally, on the other side, there is now a blue valve and white screw with the words "AIR OUT" for easy deflation and storage.
Put your trust in Polyform's most versatile and well-known product.
 Even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability
 Polyform's unique vinyl valve system
 Redesigned ropehold for A-1 through A-7 for improved strength and durability
 Dual valve inflation / deflation system for sizes A-5, A-6 & A-7
 Excellent choice for a rafting fender
 Offered in many brilliant, high - visibility colors


MFG #:90245014|Size20.5"Wx27"L|Type - Color A4 - Gray

Warning This item may be known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Type A4
Buoyancy 187 lbs. Length 27"
Eye Dia. 1.00" Dia. 20.5"
Color Gray

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