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T-H Marine

T-H Marine 12"Atlas Hole Shot Plate W/Transducer Cut Out

T-H Marine 12"Atlas Hole Shot Plate W/Transducer Cut Out



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T-H Marine 12" ATLAS™ Hole Shot Plate w/Transducer Cut Out Product Description

T-H Marine Supplies, LLC has been serving the marine industry since 1975. We are a family-owned and operated corporation that takes pride in every product that leaves our factory. We are boaters and fishermen who design products for boaters and fishermen. T-H Marine produces thousands of products in many categories, including outboard motor mounts, outboard tilt and trim, access hatches, deck plates, lid locks, deck hardware, livewell aeration, plumbing fittings, battery trays, fishing rod holders, boat lights, rigging accessories, trolling motor accessories, pontoon boat parts, and general boat accessories.

T-H Marine JHSPT12VDP Attributes

    T-H Marine JHSPT12VDP Features & Benefits

    • Models To Fit All ATLAS™ Jack Plates (Both Standard And Heavy Duty Jack Plates)
    • Provides Improved Hole Shot
    • Reduces Water Drag At Take Off
    • Reduces Porpoising
    • Limited 1 Year Warranty

    12" ATLAS™ Hole Shot Plate with Transducer Cut Out

    T-H Marine ATLAS™ Hydraulic Jack Plate - 12" setback AHJ-12V-DP is truly the next generation in jack plate design, built for the heaviest and most powerful V6 engines on the market today, even the big four strokes. Our innovative high tech engineered polymer rod and slot lifting design guarantees trouble free action.  This plate also features the best concept in one-piece hydraulics from the most respected name in hydraulic design, providing the best of all worlds: Speed and Self contained lifting action.  This pump will lift the heaviest outboard from bottom to top in less than 8 seconds.

    Simple design, the effect is remarkable! After you connect the T-H sea thermal shooting roof hole shooting board to the bottom of the roof board, your boat will jump out of the hole and begin to glide within a few seconds. By reducing the water resistance during takeoff, the average shot speed of T-H Marine Hot Shots has been increased by 18-20%, which is about 2-3 seconds faster than when the aircraft is not in use. The sturdy and durable design can double as a central decorative strip, which increases the ability to stay on the plane and almost eliminates bone formation during slow driving. Quickly make your boat jump out of the hole. Provide a faster 2-3 second hole hitting service. As the center guard, it can almost eliminate the turtle phenomenon at a lower speed. Rugged and durable design
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