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Polyform F-1 Twin Eye Fender 6" X 24" White

Polyform F-1 Twin Eye Fender 6" X 24" White



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F-1 Series 6" D x 24" L White Twin Eye Cylindrical Inflatable Fender (F-1-WHITE) by Polyform U.S. Polyform has been producing the F Series fender for over 50 years and there is no comparison when it comes to quality, range of sizes and protection offered. The F Series fender has offered protection to the world's finest yachts and fishing vessels.

Color: White
Length: 24"
Diameter: 6"
Circumference: 18.9"
Boat Size: 20' to 30'
Eye Diameter: 0.7"
Volume: 1.9 gal
  • Unique vinyl valve seals securely
  • Even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability
  • Multiple ribbed reinforced ropeholds
  • Twin - eye design for vertical or horizontal use
  • Designed for use in permanent unprotected moorings, pilings, locks and concrete walls
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