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T-H Marine

T-H Marine Hot Foot Top Load Foot Throttle Fits

T-H Marine Hot Foot Top Load Foot Throttle Fits



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Hot Foot Pro Throttle Control Pedal (HF-1CT-DP) by T-H Marine. HOT FOOT Pro is the ultimate upgrade for the boater looking for safety and performance features that made Hot Foot the foot throttle boaters demand. HOT FOOT Pro sports a rugged aluminum finish with great color graphics on the pedal to accent any high performance boat. The top loading feature for the throttle cable makes HOT FOOT Pro easier to install and gives more foot and leg room. Standard features include a patented idle stop for the Ficht and Optimax engines, stainless steel return spring, Teflon bushings on all critical pivot points and tow clip for added security.

  • Drive your boat like you drive your car
  • Improved Safety & Throttle Control
  • Attractive Full Color Pedal Graphics
  • Topside Cable Connections
  • Patented Idle Stop for FICHT & Optimax
  • Stainless Steel Hardware with Teflon Bushings
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